For about thirty years I was a teacher of cooking and nutrition in a vocational school where I prepared students for the CAP and led many projects related to cooking.

I have always tried to give my family a healthy and balanced diet by reconciling my professional and family life, while avoiding the use of ready-to-eat meals. Also, I modified the recipes to save as much time as possible.

When I stopped my professional activity, I had more time to do my shopping and I gradually became aware of the content of the caddies of the importance of junk food at the sight of the number of prepared dishes that people buy for both young and old.

So the idea of putting my knowledge and experience at the service of others came to me and I thought I would make a book with simple, healthy and ready recipes in a short time. Naturally, I wanted to associate my daughter a nutritionist in order to give the book a more professional value.

In 2010, Ixelles éditions published our book “Healthy recipes for busy mothers”.

We wanted to continue the adventure by creating a website on the same theme which is to publish ready-made recipes and health and cooking tips.

I have always enjoyed cooking and passing on my knowledge to others and I now take real pleasure in modifying recipes, creating new ones and sharing them. Every day I learn new things because the field of food and cooking is so vast that there is always something to learn. It’s exciting and very rewarding. I am also very proud to have given my children the pleasure of cooking. The next generation has begun to follow in our footsteps and is already very actively involved in meal preparation.

I am very happy to welcome you to our site because the kitchen is a time to share. You will find recipes that are generally quick to prepare and always healthy. That is to say, they are composed in such a way that they are not too sweet, too salty or too fatty. But, by going to the thematic recipes section, you will find many categories including vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, egg-free and gluten-free recipes.

If you have any questions, we will try to answer them as best and as quickly as possible.