Car air conditioning system tips

If it is hot outside, you should at least keep a cool head when driving. The climate system regulates the temperature in your car – if it works. But what if the car air-conditioning system doesn’t cool? We have summarized the most common causes and tips for you.

Whether it’s a manual system in the old Opel or automatic air conditioning in the new VW: these are complex systems that regulate the temperature, clean the air or even avoid fogged windows in winter. But what can you do if the air conditioning system no longer cools properly?

Car air conditioning does not cool: Tips

The air conditioning circuit in a car includes compressor, compensator, filter drier, evaporator, throttle or expansion valve and blower. If the performance of the escondido hvac pros air conditioner decreases, any of these parts may be defective. Here we show you the most common causes of defects in the air conditioning system.


Probably the most common cause is too little or mouldy refrigerant. If the last visit to the garage was too long ago, you should take your car back to a specialist for refilling.


If the air conditioning system no longer cools properly, the cause could also be the compressor. If the air conditioner is rarely used, the individual parts could get caught. If the compressor is defective, the workshop knows what to do.

Condenser and condenser fan

If the fins of the condenser are damaged, for example by stone chips, the refrigerant can no longer dissipate the heat. In addition, individual hoses or the valve may be blocked. The expert decides whether the condenser needs to be replaced or not.

If a cost-effective and quick solution is required, there are also seat supports with cooling function* or car fans*.


Sometimes only the connection from the switch to the mechanical parts of the air conditioning system is disturbed. If the system does not work at all, you should have the electronics checked.


If dirt like leaves accumulates on the radiator, it can clog up and reduce the cooling capacity. Regularly remove knots, leaves, dust and other dirt from your hood and air vents to prevent it from getting stuck.

Tip: Switch on the air conditioning regularly, even on cooler days, so that the important components are lubricated.

Costs if the air conditioning system is defective

For the sake of the environment, their health and their cars, laypersons should keep their hands off the sensitive climate components. Not only the electronics including the control unit are sensitive, the coolant pressure could even become dangerous.

This could cost you to refill the refrigerant:

A bottle of the refrigerant R-134a*, which is used for older air conditioners, could become more expensive. The EU wants to reduce the import of the refrigerant and thus the greenhouse effect thanks to the new refrigerant R123yf. In the workshop, however, the old refrigerant is not only refilled, but also pumped out and refilled with the prescribed quantity if necessary. In addition to personnel costs, the price of a new antifreeze sensor and the disposal of the old gas can also be added. A leak or moisture in the refrigerant circuit can also cause cooling problems. We assume that the service will not cost less than 100 Euros.

If a repair of the compressor, compensator or any other component of the car air conditioning system is necessary, the costs depend on your car model, the time required and, of course, the purchase price of the broken part. If it’s not worth repairing your air conditioning because you can switch to a second car, we’ll give you tips on how to deregister your car.

Before you pay the first price of the next garage, it’s worth comparing offers from different service providers online. If you can narrow down the problem, you can, for example, select your vehicle model and the necessary repair at and then view the prices of the individual workshops. Afterwards you can make an appointment.

Avoiding health risks through proper care

Your air conditioning system is used for cooling and dehumidification. This means that residual moisture from condensation remains on the evaporator and air filter. This is an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, which are distributed in the interior of the vehicle via air emissions. The musty smell comes from the putrefactive bacteria and under certain circumstances they trigger allergic reactions. These problems can also be solved by simple means.


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