How To Choose Your Wedding Cake?

The arrival of the cake is a very nice moment in a wedding, because it is the moment to amaze all your guests and satisfy the most gourmet stomachs with a delicious dessert. Thus, it must be well chosen in order to satisfy the most guests, to satisfy them to finish the meal in beauty, but also to look like you while going within your budget.

Choose your wedding cake according to your personality

Your wedding dessert must match your image and please you, because it is above all your wedding! Today, all cakes are customizable to give the bride and groom the opportunity to finish their meal with a cake that suits them and their personality. So it is important to take several months to prepare in advance so that you can have several tastings in order to find the perfect matches and to be able to work on and fine-tune all the little details that will make your cake unique.

A pastry chef is able to create a dessert that can match your dress and wedding theme… Assembled piece, wedding cake with sponge cake and ganaches, macaroons, cupcakes, mignardises, round, square, pyramidal or heart-shaped… In short, a dessert in your image! The professional is there to advise you, but you should not hesitate to give your opinion and share your wishes with him/her while taking into account his/her remarks. Moreover, if you want to personalize your dessert, be careful not to overdo it either, you have to find a balance between sobriety and personalization.

Choose your wedding cake according to the number of guests

The size of the wedding cake must be in line with the number of guests. For example, a wedding in a small group will be done without a ten-storey cake or with plenty of cabbage. It is important to calculate the number of shares correctly and let yourself be advised by the pastry chef in order to avoid waste and unnecessary expenses that end up in the garbage. So, for couples who have eyes bigger than their stomach, you have to be vigilant. In addition, in general, after a wedding meal, there is not much room left in the stomachs.

For those with a small budget and who want to save money on the catering station, it is possible to make your own wedding cake. In this case, if you need to learn how to make macaroons or other sweets, it is better to do it in advance and try it out beforehand. On the other hand, once again, it is necessary to take into account the number of guests: for a wedding only with relatives, this is feasible, on the contrary, for a wedding with more than 100 guests, it is better to forget this option, because you will have many other things to do on D-day.

Choose your wedding cake so that it is suitable for as many guests as possible

Finally, the highlight of the show must please the bride and groom, but also satisfy all the guests. It is possible to choose an original dessert, but beware of the surprising combinations. With a piece assembled, there is little risk of making a mistake, because it is very classic, but for the modern and atypical side of the dessert, you will have to come back. If you like the pyramidal style, but not the cabbage, try the cone version of macaroons…

Moreover, to finish the meal in style and surprise all the guests, it is possible to turn to the sweet treat buffets, in which case, there is something for everyone! Cupcakes, macaroons and other sweet treats offer a very elegant and modern dessert when placed on a tiered tray. In addition, it is possible to add a few other little treats on the table such as a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit or marshmallows to dip, homemade ice creams, sweets, fruit skewers and even a smoothies bar… So, each guest can turn to the treats they particularly appreciate and you won’t have to deal with everyone’s taste, allergies and intolerances.